2 new training manuals for you…

As you might have noticed from going through the Classroom, my
goal has been to completely over-deliver so that you tell all your
friends what a cool dude Chris Rockett is 🙂

So as part of “Operation Be Cool To Members” I wanted to let you know that
I have set you up with F’REE access to something very cool.

It’s called Music Marketing Masters and I think you’re going to
love it because it’s based on one very simple idea that I live by.

“Find out what the best marketing minds in the world think and
then use their strategies to build your career”

In Music Marketing Masters I have tracked down the smartest
people in the business and then twisted their arm to give me an

One of these guys even got  a mention in the Jack Black movie
“School of Rock”!

It’s delivered as a PDF so you can download and read it on
you’re PC, smart phone, iPad or even print it out and throw it in a

In the right hands this information could be worth thousands of
fans and thousands of dollars, and you get it all
totally F’REE just for being in my gang!

You can log in right now and get it here:

But that’s not all…

While I was at it I also uploaded a new manual to go along
with the Email Marketing Mastery part of the core training:

Get it here: http://musicmarketingclassroom.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Email-Marketing-Mastery.pdf

Once again thank you for investing in my class
…and if you need anything at all please
don’t hesitate to give me a shout.

Many thanks,

– Chris

P.S In other news I also uploaded a really cool training
session about how to get gigs…

…and I’ve secretly been working on a new module
that will give you a plug and play tested music sales funnel
with your products being delivered with the same membership
tools I used to set up the classroom.

So basically there is a LOT going on…STAY TUNNED!