7 videos on getting other people to do the music marketing for you….

As promised I’ve been hard at work on brand new content for the
classroom, and today you’re getting access to 7 videos that take
you through the process of setting up your reseller program in a
really easy and low cost way.

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The idea of a reseller program is that other people promote your
music for you because you give them a great reason to do so…first
of all your amazing music, and then CASH!

In the past you either had to set up each reseller relationship
automatically which would take ages, or buy a very expensive tool
that was a total nightmare to set up and would often break.

It was still a cool tactic but a little bit of a time suck…today
that is all going to change.

When you signed up for the classroom I promised that I would be
constantly looking out for ways in which we can simplify the
process, and I think the new software I have for you is going to be
a big boost for your marketing.

So go check out the new videos and start putting this to work.

– Chris