Brand new module on creating high value products for fans…

If you check out music marketing websites for any length of time

you will soon come across a concept called 1000 fan theory…

This is the idea that you only need to create a relatively small
amount of fans to build a full time income from what you’re doing.

But if you’re anything like me these high end theories are not
really that useful unless you have some concrete tactics to put
them to work for you.

So in this brand new module on making money from your music I want
to give you a practical example of a music business model that will
let you thrive with just 1000 die hard fans.

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The first thing we need is a little definition because how on earth
do we tell if someone is a true fan or not?

Well I want to keep this simple so for this we are going to call a
“true fan” somebody who has actually pulled out their credit card
and been inspired by your music enough to part with some of their
hard earned cash to get hold of it.

(Although we are still going to treat non-paid fans like royalty
and they might help your career in other ways.)

The main “meat and potatoes” of this module will be learning how to
set up a paid monthly fan club that will become the cornerstone of
how you start to make a nice income from your music.

Here’s the old school raw link in case the fancy ones
don’t work:

Some of the features of this set up include different tiers of
membership for people who pay more and also the ability to set up
your own weekly live TV show which will be charged at a premium to

Not only that but we’re also getting into the exciting world of
higher ticket products aimed at fans who have some money to play
with. These products will give you a nice windfall of cash each
time your make a sale and add a great deal to your monthly income.

There are also going to be a few other lessons that let you create
additional income with very little time and energy.

The really great thing about all this is that if you’ve been
following along with the training so far you already have all the
tools you need to get a fan club online in an afternoon without
spending any extra cash.

It all comes down to learning the simple process that lets you
build a system of content delivery that will keep your fans happy
and ready to pay you for a good while to come.

So get ready to learn a bunch of new stuff and skills that you can
use for the rest of your career.

– Chris

P.S I’ve also created two more ready-made scripts for you that you
can copy-and-paste right into your marketing plan…

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