Email Marketing Mastery – Broadcast vs Autoresponder Emails

I’ve just posted the latest videos in the Email Marketing Mastery training module, and today we’re looking at the two main types of emails that you can send out to your fans, and how you would use each one.

The first are your broadcast messages which you will use to let your people know about the latest news and things that are very current, because these are the type of messages that you write and send instantly. Kind of like when you email a friend.

Broadcast messages are also useful because they give you interesting stats about what your fans respond to best. Which helps you craft your messages to be even more successful in the future.

The second type of email that we use are Auto-responders and they are a great way to start to create a little bit of passive income from your music career, because you write a series of them and then set them to go out to new people who join your list at regular intervals.

Kind of like creating a soap-opera that shows up in their inbox every few days, providing them really interesting content that also includes advertisements for your paid offering.

These are quite meaty videos so brew some strong coffee (or whatever you drink) and use the links below to access your new stuff.


– Chris