Cloning your fans on Facebook

If you fire up the viral marketing section of the classroom today you will see a new video called the “Viral Facebook Picture Promo”…

…now to be totally honest the title of the training does not exactly roll off the tongue, but I think we can overlook that for now because the tactic is very cool.

What it’s going to do is let you send a message to your subscribers to have them clone themselves.

“Cloning, what on earth?” I hear you shout.

When I say clone I mean that your current fans are going to hopefully share your freebie on Facebook and their friends will share it, and their friends and..well I think you get the idea.

But rather than just sharing a boring link anyone can ignore I’ve come up with a way for you to be able to share a really interesting picture that will stick out in the news feed.

Once you “get” how this works you’re going to be able to automate this as part of your email follow-up, and you can sit back and feel happy that you’ve injected a little bit of leveraged viral marketing into your music promo plan.

I’ve been testing this myself and have seen around 30 additional people join my list in a couple of days, and they will keep on coming FOR YEARS without any more effort.

So there is no reason for you not to try this out.

– Chris