Futuristic Music Marketing

You might have noticed recently that I’ve been kind of obsessed with getting you some hits.

There is a very important reason for that…

Because once you’ve got your site online and sales funnel rocking, the GIANT SMELLY ELEPHANT most people have in the room is that they just don’t have enough hits to make this stuff pay yet.

So I’m not going to rest until each and every member finds a traffic tactic they like and have a stream of fans flowing in everyday.

In this brand new module of 5 videos I’m going to take you through a pretty cool way you can do it…

It’s called “Pay Per View” advertising and it will allow you too POP your fan-catcher page up in-front of some of the most targeted and hyperactive music fans on the web.

This is brand new stuff that I’ve just started testing out myself and you can click the link below for full details on everything I’m doing.

Click here to access your new training…


– Chris