Getting Your Emails Read and Selling Without Annoying People

Hey guys,

I just posted two more videos in the email marketing part of the site. The details of which are below…

First we’re going to look at how you can “Stand out in a crowded email inbox” and this will tackle the problem of your messages trying to compete for attention against a world of spam.

You’re going to take away a bunch of practical things you can do to make sure that fans are likely to get to your message first.

Next we’re going to look at how you can “Sell without selling” and this is important because you don’t want to spend your first few messages being nice to people so that they like you, and then shift to hammering them with “buy buy buy” style marketing.

With that in mind I want to introduce you to the idea that you can provide really cool free stuff to your people and still include subtle links to your paid stuff in the background.

In fact I’ve found this weird thing where the more cool shit you give people for free the more they will spend…who knew?!

The ideas in this video will help you make sales all the time and from every message without always being blatant about it.

I’m also going to show you how telling people that you’re running a sale can come across as a favor to them. Kind of like if you texted your buddy to tell them that the local burger joint was dishing out bacon, double cheeses for $1. They’re not going to say “Piss off, don’t try and sell to me” because you’re letting them know about a deal.

…we’re going to use that same idea to let your fans know about your “7 day fire sale” which in fact is a blatant selling email but one that your people will be happy to get.

The ultimate goal is to keep people sweet and make sure that you don’t come across desperate for cash.

So now you know what you’re getting today…go watch them 😉

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=> How To Sell Without Selling

– Chris