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Welcome to the Classroom!

Everything you need to deploy your cutting edge marketing plan is below...please make sure you review this "orientation video" or you will BE LOST.

Part 1 - The Art of Music Promotion (Speed Learning)

  • Laying A Solid Foundation For Your Music Marketing

    The idea of this section is to allow you to hit the ground running with your promotions by giving you a very high level of music marketing knowledge right at the start of your journey. This will mean you have the power to take the advanced training in your stride..

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Part 2 - Creating Musical Freedom

  • Build Your "Musical Freedom"

    There is no way you can build a solid lifelong music career if you’re constantly stressing about paying the bills. So right here at the start of the training I’m going to show you how to build a full time living independent of your current day job. We call this the “Self Made Record Deal” process.

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Part 3 - Advanced Music Marketing Strategy

  • This is where the MAGIC happens!

    How to quickly roll out the most powerful and effective music business strategy anywhere in the world. Learn how simple action, taken consistently, will put you on a predictable and unstoppable path to success.

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Bonus Fun, and Additional Training

  • Because We LOVE You...

    …come and check out a whole bunch of bonus goodies.

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