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...turning all your hard work into longterm prosperity.

Psssst...your package offer is the first step in the world of high-ticket products, and we covered that lesson early in this training so you would have a little initial income flowing while you got the rest of the plan rocking. Did you set up a package offer yet? If not you can (and should) jump back to that lesson here....

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Bonus 1: High Ticket Case-Study
Bonus 2: Using Sales Funnels
Bonus 3: Classroom Partner Income
Bonus 4: Give Yourself A Record Deal
BONUS: "Big Beast" seminar on creating wealth...

This guy Dan Kennedy might seem a little mean, but there are some amazing fundamental lessons about prosperity you can take from this. He's also one of the most respected marketing brains alive.

Attendees of this event originally paid up to $4000 but thanks to the power of our awesome video training portal I can embed it here for you guys free.