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Hey this is Ben Sword “musician and songwriter extraordinaire”, or that’s what my mother calls me anyway :-)

Now the reason for this rather random video is that my good friends at Facebook tell me you’re into Johnny Cash, which is very cool because that great man is in fact the biggest inspiration for my own music.

So to introduce you to what I’m doing I wanted to set you up with what I believe to be the “greatest musical freebie the world has ever seen”.

You’re getting my first 3 albums which usually sell for $30, plus a bunch of other stuff that you’ll see on the next page…

….and to get your hands on this all you have to do is click the link…

…which is either going to be above or below this video.

That link will take you over to my super snazzy landing page where you just need to pop in your email address and click the button so I know where to send your stuff.

Then BOOM!

Your inbox is going to be packed with more musical golden nuggets than Mr T’s jewelry box!

Hope it goes without saying but I will never ever spam you, and you can remove your email from my database with one click anytime you want to.

In fact my mission is to be like Santa Clause, so you know that whenever you hear from me cool stuff is going to happen.

So while you decide if you should take me up on “the most no-brainer freebie ever created in the history of the world”, I wanna give you a sneak preview of one of my latest tunes…

…which I wrote to remind myself never to take my lovely wife for granted.

Can’t wait to hear what you think and get to know you a little bit as well.

See you on the other side.

Here’s the tune.