PLEASE READ FIRST: Our commitment is that as promised once you've got "the M.A.S machine" up and running you really can show up for a few minutes each day just to make sure everything is running smoothly and that your team are doing a good job.

With that said the setup does take some clients a little bit of getting used to, which is why the suggested goal is the you finish one part each week. (Although you can of course go at your own pace, this ain't no prison)

Successful Classroom members are those who commit to make some progress regularly however small, rather than those who want to eat the Elephant in one go, trying to burn through 30 weeks in the first day and giving up.

If you really have zero time for the setup but a small budget for promo, please feel free to skip ahead to the session on "Outsourcing".

The idea being that you can hire someone awesome, give them your "Buddy pass" for the Classroom and have them build and manage everything for you.

Finally I want to say that some of the things I'm going to show you might be totally new for you, but I want you to follow the steps anyway.

So many times I've doubted my ability to setup something tricky and just blindly jumped in, made mistakes, tried again and cool stuff happened. So keep that mindset as you go through, because an epic new skill is supposed to be hard at first. Most people never get past that, but YOU and your fellow members WILL since you know that "Doing It Anyway" means you win in the end.

That's about it for now...

It's so super awesome to have you with us. Thank you for taking action to improve your knowledge and skills.

These are ideas you'll fall back on to build success for the rest of your life wherever you decide to aim your focus.

- Ben Sword (Your coach, and best internet buddy!)

Week 1 – Setting Up Your Classroom Sponsorship (BONUS)

Week 2 – Fast Fan-Capture On Your Site

Week 3 – The Epic Music Package

Week 4 – Writing Your First Week Of Emails

Week 5 – Becoming A Website Ninja!

Week 6 – Modelling Beautiful Site Design

Week 7 – Giving Your Website More Pow!

HEY YOU Wake UP! Because what you will find below is the heart and soul of this entire plan, and BY FAR the most powerful section of the Classroom. Just wanted to make sure I have your full attention, because if you can master what you’ll learn in the next few weeks you’ll own a skill shared by only a tiny percentage of the population of THE WORLD! The skill of being able to influence other people in a favourable way to any project of goal you set your eye on for the rest of your life.

IMPORTANT: The idea of this section is obviously to quickly get up to speed on all the most effective ways you can drive a high volume of fresh new music lovers to your fan-catcher page each and every day…month after month…and year after year.

Everything you’re about to learn has been tried and tested by our research team over the past 14 years, then rolled out successfully with clients. So be in no doubt that done correctly this stuff works, and feel confident that only the best of the best make it onto our list of “Classroom Approved Promotions” list.

I’m hoping this piece alone will save you years in trial and error trying to come up with a plan on your own.

See, your ability to get new fans to your site is certainly the most important deciding factor in your long term success, which is why we’ve taken such care over this section to make it absolutely comprehensive for you.

First thing you need to decide is if you want to go for free promotions (which will take a little more time and effort) or paid promotions (which are more risky financially).

My suggestion is that you jump in, see what make sense and feels right to you, then actually try out a few promotions and track your results.

The end game here is that you’ll maybe be working 2-3 promotions moving forward and become the “Jedi Master” of each. This is the kind of commitment mindset which always leads to lovely rivers of new fans hitting your landing page year in year out… forever.

Let’s Solved The Big Problem Once And For All!

First of all I’m going to refer you to our action-sheet of *Approved Promotions* so you will never be in doubt of the real potential there is to drive hits to your site.

This is not an optional step…you must have this document on hand as we progress.

Put it on your phone, Ipad…or print it out and study and learn the ideas until it becomes second-nature.

>> Download the document here <<

Final thought for this intro…just remember that every single promotional thing you do from now on is about directing people back to your website and onto your email list. If you place your music in-front of a hot prospect and you don’t ask for the contact info… you’ve lost them forever 🙁 Almost everything you do from now on will give you a chance to mention your fan-capture page…please look for these moments and don’t waste them.

Now you know every promotion we run, I want to go over some of my favourites in more detail with you:

Working With Powerful Partners

We use some pretty high-end software to provide a real slick experience that allows you to enlist the help of powerful websites and partners to send you tons of hits.

But I must let you know that setting up this tool is probably going to push your “techie comfort zone” a little, which is why (if you decide to follow this promotion) it’s been broken out over a few weeks.

I also put this one first because your brain will be fresh and there are no other hardcore tools like this during your training, so it should make the rest of the program feel easier. It’s kinda like “Leveling Up” your brain.

Just know that this is totally doable (because, hell, I learned it) and once setup this software can provide a rich source of fans.

FREE OPTION: Again, the tool we look at this week is paid, but you could definitely make this a free promo strategy by simply using the “No-Fail Pitching” lessons to find a ton of popular websites, then offer some of your music as a “Snazzy Bonus” for their audience in exchange for the email address. This is in fact what we call the “Bonus Promo” from the handy-dandy manual above. Learn more here >>

Week 8 – Get The Crazy Partnership Software

Week 9 – Making Your Pitch Video

Week 10 – Making Rapid Action Profits The Way You Want It

Week 11 – Collecting All The People Who Don’t Buy For Future Fun and Profit

Week 12 – Partner Tools

Week 13 – Take It Easy

No Fail Pitching

Week 14 – Finding The Most Powerful Partners On The Web

Week 15 – How To Pitch Like A Boss

Week 16 – A Case-Study in Pitching

Smart Advertising

Week 17 – Low Risk Ads

Week 18 – More Stuff We’ve Learned About Ads

Pulling Fans From Twitter

Week 19 – Twitter Flush 2.0

Radio Promotions

Week 20 – Radio Play (Part 1)

Week 21 – Radio Play (Part 2)

Hacking The Mainstream Charts

Week 22 – The Incredible Hit Machine

Interview Method

Week 23 – Deploy The Magical Fame Transfer

Driving hits from YouTube

Week 24 – YouTube Hit-Stalking Tool

Week 25 – YouTube Linking Strategy

Sneak Into Popular Blogs

Week 26 – Guest Blogging Method

Matching the Right Audience For Your Songs

Week 27 – Niche Music Method

Outsource Your Promotions

Week 28 – The low cost way you can hire an amazing person to do all your work.


Now that we’ve been through the “Getting Hits” section, you have plenty of options for pulling just the right kind of music fans to your site.

So once we have these people on the email list we want to systematically take them through a tried and tested process and series of “Check Moves” that will set them up perfectly for the fourth and final step.

Which is of course…actively supporting your music financially.

Week 29 – How to Build a Superfan.

Click here to download the accompanying study guide for week 29.

Week 30 – The Fame Game.

Week 31  – Solid Email Marketing Fundamentals

IMPORTANT: Also…please refer back to Week 4 – Getting to Know You Emails, since moving forward you’ll do well if subsequent messages to fans will follow a similar format.

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel here… simply capture interesting goings-on / show document adventures (either by writing articles or making simple videos) and send those fun little snacks to fans via email along with a link to something related they can buy.

So if you talk about recording your first album and how the bass player got his fingers caught in a car door so you had to delay for a month…then link up to the sales page for that first album…simple ain’t it!

Remember, the whole point of sending interesting stuff to your fans is of course to do your job as a super-cool musician…but also because you want to keep them interested for years…which could lead to thousands of chances of selling your products, rather than just one shot…which is how most other musicians do it.

YOU…The Movie!

I would also suggest you keep a daily “YouTube diary” of things you have going on, new songs and cool ideas and discoveries you make in life.

It takes five minutes to fire up your phone camera and throw a video on YouTube now…or it will once you’ve done it a few times.

And pretty soon, talking on video will be totally natural for you, which is a very valuable skill in connecting with your fans on a super deep level.

If a photo tells a thousand words, then a video tells a million!

They just won’t be able to stop thinking about you 🙂

What I’ve found from doing myself this is that once is a while you’ll make a video in a few minutes that will really hit home with people totally out of the blue. And you can then put this into your automatic email series so that all new fans see it too.

These regular videos will also give you a rich source of ammo for social media posts.

Finally, start writing your life story…maybe just a couple of paragraphs per day based on the important and interesting things you can remember most vividly.

This is just a nice exercise, because it gets you in the habit of writing which is important since the first point of contact with fans is always email, and again, once in a while you will come up with some cool story to put into your sales funnel.

True fans love all the little gory details, so don’t be afraid to really open up 🙂 think about any good music documentary and all the seedy shit that is behind most successful musicians. It’s GOLD!

Plus most people can’t remember 90% of the things that have happened to them, so you’ll enjoy being able to recall the events of your life with ease, and on you deathbed you’ll know that future descendants and fans will be able to know what you were like. If that matters to you.

P.S The best of these “life events” can become part of you daily video series.