Private Consultancy

Session 1 - Sponsorship

Creating a quick profit from your investment...

Important Please Read: a little bit of clarification about Week 1...

I suggest you setup your Classroom partnership first because it's simply another high ticket product you can add to your funnel.

And if you can get a couple of people on board it will more than pay for your MAS fees. ($5000 share for each person you bring in)

Remember this program is about you, your music and your fans. And ultimately how you will finance yourself long term. For life.

With most musicians we need to spread the net a little wider in terms of products to reach a liveable income stream.

Of course many of the people on your brand new email list won't be into Music Marketing Classroom.

So we send a filter email that says something like "ever wanted to do music for a living?".

None interested people won't click :-)

But we've had members send lots of people into the Classroom using the filter method.

I've even got the emails written for you coming up in later sessions.

If you follow the getting hits part and build a big list of over 10,000 people you'll be selling your music stuff
and also the odd Classroom membership as bonus income.

Which you can then invest in ads to grow your reach further.

That's how selling the Class and other "affiliate" products can help grow your audience directly.

Hope that makes sense.

P.S Promoting Classroom membership is not essential to the program, it's just a bonus, feel free to ignore it.