Private Consultancy

Session 2 - Pro Email Management

Rapid website optimisation badassery!

The tools of the trade: As we go through this I'm going to be showing you a few paid tools I use to make maximum impact in my business with only a small team.

This stuff is the secret of  how we're able to catch up with what the major labels are doing at a fraction of the cost, by investing wisely and to devastating effect.

My promise at the start was to show you everything, so that's what you're getting with nothing left out.

With that said, none of these are essential and I'll always try and share a free option too.

If in doubt about alternative options please email me here >>

The 4 paid tools which we'll be covering during the setup phase -

Aweber: pro email-management service. (Which we're setting up today)

Website Hosting: so you can be master of your own site.

Optimizepress Website Builder: meaning you never have to spend a penny to have a website built again.

Rapid Action Profits: Payment processor that allows you to run partnerships with big sites paying them to promote your music automatically.

(There are also lots of free to use tools along the way)

At the end of the day the whole point of learning good marketing is that it should cost you nothing, because the first mission is to cover your costs and then shoot for a profit. But you know that already!

When considering any investment I like to compare against what it would cost to have a developer build something similar...which to be honest is often astronomical and makes the options above a dependable and cost effective alternative.

Personally I don't mind investing if I can be pretty certain it's going to be worthwhile. So let us save you a lot of that trial and error AND teach you how to use these things properly.

Hopefully you're down with that, which means we can jump into the fun...

Advanced tip: If you would like to put your Facebook share link in a custom banner (rather than what Facebook gives you out of the box) you're going to need a straight share link to ad to your image.

Here is a snazzy tool that will build that for you >>>