How to become a music legend the fun easy way…

Hey Hotshot,

I wanted to start the week with a foundation lesson.

Here is how you become a music legend.

1. First you find fans and have them listen to your best music.

2. Then you collect contact info from fans who like your music.

3. Then you send them more free samples of your best music.

4. Then you give them a good reason to buy your music… like a special discount.

Once you have money you can quit work and make music all day instead.

Then your music will get better and fans will love you even more.

Bish bash bosh…that’s  the whole plan!

I just found an action packed video I made that covers the whole plan in more detail.

Press play now >>

The video includes a really cool trick for the confusing “Find fans and have them listen to your music step”.

Have you got 5 minutes now to watch this lesson?

Good…click here.

Here’s what you get in return for giving me 5 minutes…

Take a few notes and by the end of the video you will have your template to become a music legend in your spare time.

Much love,


P.S The video is required viewing … click here to play.