How To Hack A Music Career

Here is how you become a full time musician FOR REAL.

Hey Hotshot,

Here’s the only real plan you will every see for normal people like you and me to make music all day without working.

First you need to get rid of your expensive house or apartment.

Then buy a boat or a mobile home on ebay.

This means you will have somewhere to live for the rest of your life without any bills.

You should be able to get your secret base for around $3000.

Remember, after that you won’t pay rent or mortgage.

Exciting right!

Here’s how you get a boat or mobile home for cheap on ebay.

Get a bargain on ebay by bidding in the final 3 seconds of the auction.

Decide what your top bid is and put that in right at the last seconds.

Now you don’t have to pay for your house you will be able to live for $400 per month or less.

You won’t have to pay council tax, electric bills, cable bills, internet bills or water bills.

This means you can quit your job and you will be able to make music all day and work on your skills until you become a legend.

Here are some more rules you can use to save money.

No eating out.

No cable or netflix.

Sell your car so you don’t have a car payment.

Get a cheap mobile phone contract.

Don’t go on vacation, you’ll be on vacation all the time!

Use free internet at Starbucks.

No new music gear unless it’s absolutely essential , and if you need to buy something you should get a bargain on ebay by bidding at the last minutes like I showed you already.

No new clothes. Buy cool second hand stuff on ebay.

NOTE: Instead of watching TV read books about things that will help you reach your goals in life.

Be healthy to save money on medical bills.

Here are some healthy tips…

Don’t take risks with your body like jumping out of a plane of crossing a busy road.

Don’t eat dairy products, pasta, bread or white sugar.

Don’t eat pudding, eat fruit.

Do eat nuts, raw veggies, olives, fish, seeds, pickles and fruit.

Don’t smoke or drink.

Yes! Following this plan won’t be easy…but you’ll be living the rock star dream. So I think you’ll get over not watching cable or netflix anymore.

Now even though you’re going to be saving thousands of dollars each month you will still need maybe $400 per month to eat.

Here’s how you get that.

First, busk during the day for tips.

Then offer to play every bar, club, coffee shop. Party, college you come across. If they won’t pay you play for tips.

That should give you $400 per month.

Second start a little online business.

We are going to call this your MINI BUSINESS.

To do that pick a topic you like.

So I might pick music promotion.

Then look in books to see what people interested in music promotion want to learn about.

So I might find that people into music promotion want to learn about:

  • Getting press
  • Getting gigs
  • Getting a manager
  • Getting a record deal
  • Playing festivals
  • Cheap Music production
  • Getting on the radio
  • Getting on TV
  • Getting reviews

Next find people who know how to do those things and interview them to find answers to those problems.

I might pick “how to get a record deal” then find someone who works at a label to tell me why they sign people.

Just record the interview over skype on your phone.

Then post the interview to a free blogger blog.

And Youtube.

And also offer it to other websites that are popular with the people you’re trying to help.

So in this case I would offer the interview to other websites musicians visit like

Each place you post the interview should have a link back to your email newsletter where you send an email alert each time you have a new interview posted.

And each email alert should contain a link to buy something.

So in this case your email alert might say…

“Hey here’s your free interview…if you would like to become a master of music promotion check out Music Marketing Classroom”

Then if they pay for music marketing classroom you would get up $5000 for recommending a client.

Does that all make sense?

Your mini business does not have to be about music promotion, it can be anything you’re interested in.

But music promotion does make sense because then you learn a bunch of useful stuff that will help your music career.

Look for “how to do stuff” books on Amazon for loads of idea for things people will pay to learn.

Here are some other mini business ideas off the topic of my head:

  • How to be be vegan or vegetarian
  • How to meet men or women
  • How to be healthy
  • How to lose weight
  • How to train a dog
  • How to write a book
  • How to be a blogger
  • How to be a good parent
  • How to be happy
  • How to start a business

By the way…

You can make bonus income by creating a bundle of all the interviews you’ve done that people can download in MP3 format and listen to at the gym, in the car or while running.

Did that all make sense???

The whole plan is…

Cut all your living costs down to bare essentials.

Get really good at music by practicing all day.

Play anywhere you can for tips…but get paid if possible.

Make bonus income by starting a super simple online business you can run from a laptop at Starbucks.

This is the easiest way I can think of to tell your boss you’re leaving your job to follow your passion for music.

It will take a few crazy life changes, but that always leads to something exciting happening.

I’ve laid out the whole plan for you in detail in a free 45 minute online seminar.

At the end of the seminar I would like you to upgrade to the deep dive course that will turn you into a full time musician.

Please shut off everything that will distract you…

Then Click Here To View The Seminar >>

Please email me back with questions.

Much love,


P.S I wrote this in 20 minutes from my laptop in Starbucks.

It’s amazing what you can do when you’re feeling free and inspired.

P.P.S You can make bonus income from your music just like your MINI BUSINESS.

So create an email newsletter for people who like you music.

Send them sample of your best songs.

And provide links to book you for a concert or to buy a digital download or your albums.

There’s nothing to it.