How To Sell Millions Of Singles And Get In Charts

You’ll love this story…


“His mother stole millions of dollars in CASH but he made it all back writing songs….”


Once there was a young songwriter called Neil Sedaka who was so depressed with his lack of success in the music business that he was about to quit and go work at McDonalds.


Then he had a bright idea, this bright idea would be make or break and if nothing happened after he took his final shot then he made up his mind to murder his dream of writing hit songs for a living.


Here’s what that young songwriter did in that life or death moment.


He looked at all the music charts around the world.


Then he bought all the NO1 singles from all the music charts around the world.


Then he started to steal bits from each of these hits.


He took a chorus from Spain.


A guitar riff from the UK.


A melody from France.


And a bass line from the USA.


And so on and so on.


He made his version just different enough so he would not get sued.


And when the final “Frankenstein” song was finished a record label instantly signed him and release the song.

And it went to NO 1.


And it was called “Oh! Carol” and you can listen to it here.


After that Neil sedaka use the same trick to sell 25 million records and make millions of bucks

Then his Mom and her evil boyfriend stole all his money.


Then he used the same trick to sell millions more albums and make millions more dollars.


So no biggie.


Such is the power of being able to write hit songs when you need them.


Writing songs is the most profitable and fun business in the world.


Because all you need to get started is a pencil and piece of paper.


And what you write on that paper can make you millions.


Here’s the big lessons from this story…


If you want to write a hit song one day you should listen to hit songs for a few minutes before you start writing.

Make a habit of this.


You can use Spotify to check out all the music charts all around the world so there really is nothing holding you back.


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