How to win songwriting competition

The Great Songwriting Challenge Starts Now


Once upon a time…

There was this songwriting factory in New York…let’s call it the “Wow Building”.

This is the kind of place “all time greats” like Carole King and Neil Diamond learned to write songs.

And the legend goes like this.

One day the president of the company decided to have a bet with his evil brother in law.

He bet that he could have the worst songwriter in the company come up with a hit song faster than the best songwriter in the company.

Both writers would each have a week to complete the song.

The president told his evil brother in law that he could have the best songwriter and the president (our hero) would work with the worst songwriter.

The bet was for $50,000 and the evil brother in law was happy to accept seeing no way the president of the company could win.

The bet was on and the countdown was set for a week.

So the evil brother in law goes to the best writer in the company.

This man had produced multiple hit songs and made the company millions of dollars.

And the evil brother in law says to the songwriter…

“Write me a hit song this week and I’ll give you a $5000 bonus”

He did this knowing he would win the bet and get the $50,000 prize meaning a profit of $45,000 for not much work.

The president then went to the worst songwriter in the company and told him, I want you to write 100 songs this week or you’ll get fired.

Now what do you think happened?

Let me tell you…

The best writer in the company went away and wrote a pretty good song.

And the evil brother in law’s greed glands started to ooze thinking he had easily won the bet.


A week passes and in another part of the building the “Flop songwriter” visits the president of the company in his intimidating spacious office with gold discs glinting everywhere the eye can see.

The worst songwriter trips into the room with bundles of paper, eyes bulging from lack of sleep and holding back the tears in fear of losing his job and leaving his family starving to death.

What happens next is the president of the company listens through all those 100 songs this little man spat out that week in fear.

And what he finds to his surprise and delight is that hiding in 96 songs that are really bad are 3 gems that will beat the song written by the greatest songwriter in the company.

But there is one song…

(The last one he listens too)

…that instantly brings tears to his eyes, because he knows that this song is timeless and people will be singing along to it until the end of days.

This skinny little writer who never came up with anything catchy in his life…

…will someday be talked about in the same breath as Beethoven. 


The president gets the best producer in the world to record the song and has Frank Sinatra sing it.

Then he plays the track to his evil brother in law.

Who hands over a cheque for $50,000 because he knows he has clearly been defeated.

The moral of this story is…

You need to write a lot of songs to find the gold.

So don’t go crazy perfecting a song until you know you have a winner.

When do you know you have a winner?

When you stop asking…because it will be clear from the reaction of everyone you play the song to.

Their mouths will be open and they with have a dazed mesmerised look only broken as the song ends and they dive for the rewind button.

So aim to write 100 songs this week…and maybe…just maybe you will strike gold.

If not write 1000 more and don’t stop until you have a song that will keep your family living in 14 bedroom luxury houses long after you’re gone.

Plus…every time you write 100 songs your intuition for writing hooks will increase.

So in two years you might get 5 hit songs for every 100 you write …and so on and so on.

All you have to do to write hit songs is keep writing, that’s your only job.

And to speed up this process you can go on a “100 songs in a week challenge” like the little man in the story we just shared.

I hope you found this enlightening…

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