Music Marketing Classroom 2.0 is Here!

I’ve recently been working on a massive update to the training and
there is A LOT of exciting new things to tell you about…so bear with me 😉

When you signed up for the classroom I made a commitment that the
process would always be up to date and cutting edge, and that there
would always be new tactics to put into action.

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been going through every
video and lesson with a fine tooth comb to make sure that
everything still ROCKS…this has resulted in a bunch of new videos
and tweaks to make the whole system a lot more streamlined.

Below are a full list of changes and links to get your hands on the
new stuff (You must be logged in)

Understanding the new Facebook timeline layout…

You may have recently noticed that everything changed on your
Facebook page so now we have a full set of 9 videos to guide you
through not only getting started with the new timeline layout but
also how you can use it to your advantage to get fans…

Protecting your music career…

Learn how to keep your website safe from hacks and how to backup
the most important parts of your music career, so that if something
annoying happens you’ll be back up and running in a matter of

Your Website

Here in Music Marketing Classroom we use a free tool called
Musopress to get you set up with a professional website in just a
few minutes…you can now access a user manual right in the members

New video about getting started with the process fast if you
already have a site –

Learn how to use a powerful free image editing tool to create your
website header or logo –

Creating custom website links in Musopress –

YouTube Design

Understand how to customize the new YouTube layout –

Tracking Your Fans

How to set up tracking goals in Google Analytics so that you can
keep on improving the performance of your website…

Getting Hits

Learn about a brand new way to think about getting music fans to
your website –

Help your reseller spread your music with ready-made tools –

Making your reseller sales page look more pretty –

Learn how keeping a journal can bring hits to your site and get
your fans coming back every day –

Added 3 more videos to YouTube hit-stalking that cover a few of the
other ways I find video ideas that will drive hits back to the fan
catcher –

How to get even more hits from your YouTube videos by reposting on
your blog –

Speed up the “Twitter Flush” so that it only takes up just a few
minutes per day –

My simple process for getting people on your mailing list at gigs –

Use this tip to get people to read your pitch emails –


Keeping your product options open –

Learn a new way to upload your products using wordpress –

Fan Capture

Collecting fans on your homepage using Musopress…also added a
more detailed lesson that goes into what you should say in your
welcome video –

Why you need a dedicated fan capture page and an example page
that’s working well –

How to add some music to your fan catcher –

Email Marketing

Fast start guide to hit the ground running with your email
marketing –

Your Music Marketing System

New video about bringing the whole process together into a daily
plan –

Video Questions

I have just started to do a little video coaching and the cool
thing about this is that all members can ask a question and
everybody can benefit from the answers…

That’s about it for now (a lot to be getting on with there) but
stay tuned for new stuff coming out soon.

I want to put a big focus on getting hits now because that is the
hardest thing for most people.

Hope you love the new stuff, and I’ll talk to you soon.

– Chris