Online music teacher certification training

A business idea…that is just perfect for musicians like you and me.


The idea is to become a booking agent for music teachers around the world and share 25% of their teaching fees.


If you would like to work in the music business full time…this could be the most exciting thing you've ever read.


Here are the details…


There needs to be two things in place before you know for sure that you have a good business idea on your hands.


The first is that you find people with a problem, then you solve that problem for them.


And a bonus thing is that you start a business that you enjoy.


So for people like you and me it should really be music related.


I’m giving you a business that ticks these boxes in this message.


Plus what I’m going to show you does not require a big investment to get started like other opportunities you might have heard about.


Think of business like getting paid to solve problems for people.


And the good news is that I think I’ve come up with a great business idea for you.


And it’s your lucky day because I’m so busy working with musicians and record labels on top secret marketing plans at the moment, I don’t have time to take advantage of this myself.


So I’ve chosen YOU to be the one to benefit from this.


Do you remember our criteria for a good business?


If not I’ll remind you…


You need to find people with a problem and then you need to solve it for them.


But there is another bonus secret I want to share with you now that makes this even more powerful.


BONUS SECRET – When you match two groups of people who solve each other's problems you could be the middle-person who becomes wealthy.


That is not an income claim, and I can’t say that you’ll make a dime with what I’m going to show you next…


… but the potential is massive and from where I’m sitting it would be hard not to do well with this.


Are you getting impatient with this build up?


OK here’s what you need to know…


…I think I’ve found two groups of people who have problems you can solve.


Those two groups of people are…


1. Musicians who are looking for good music teachers.

2. Music teachers who are looking for more students.


Let’s keep going.


Here’s the story of how I came across your new goldmine…


It all started when a lovely man called Matt emailed me and asked me to help with marketing his online music teacher business.


Matt teaches people guitar all over the world using Skype and Facetime.


The moment he emailed me I realised that being an online music teacher is the second best business in the world.


Don’t worry…I’m going to show you exactly how to be an online music teacher in a minute.


I’ll also tell you why I say this is the second best business right after that.


Being an online music teacher is cool for these reasons.


  • You make your own hours and work when you want, from home.
  • You get better at playing your instrument by teaching it.
  • The business does not cost anything to setup and you don’t need any qualifications to start.
  • You can do this even if you’re a newbie because if you only know one more thing than your student you can still help them.


I think every musician should consider being an online music teacher because this business is brand new and growing fast.


Think about how many people have iPads and smartphones now…these are all potential students if you start teaching music lessons online.


And you’re hearing about it earlier than anyone else in your town, so you have a massive head start over everyone if you act now.


Think about it…


There has never been another time in history when a music teacher from London could teach a kid learning guitar in Sydney Australia.


Now that can happen.


But the your window of lucky timing is closing fast so listen closely to every word I have to say here or you’ll miss the boat.


Back to the story…


I started working with Matt, and working on his marketing plan so he could get more students as an online music teacher.


But I soon realised that he had stumbled on the biggest opportunity for musicians like me and you to make extra income so we don’t have to work.


Then things got crazy…


Because as I was walking Matt through his masterplan for getting new students I realised something stupid.

The plan I gave him would work too well.


And soon he would have more students than one online music teacher could handle.


Then something hit me that might go down in history.


I said..,




“Matt…after a while you’ll have so many students you can become an agent for other music teachers and then you can take it easy.


You just look through the phone book and call music teachers.


Most of them will have less students than they would like. 


And you say to them “ I’ve got more students that I can handle, would you like some of them”. 


Then you tell them how to give lessons on Skype or FaceTime and they will love you forever because you might have saved their teaching career and save them from working at McDonalds”.




And this finally is the very best business in the world, and the business you’re going to be in starting today.

You’re going to be a booking agent for music teachers all over the world.


First you get loads of music students for yourself, then you pass on your spare students to other music teachers and they send you “thank you” payments.


Imagine this…


You have a machine that generates music students automatically.


Then you pass their details over to music teachers all around the world.


What could this be worth to you?


Let’s say Bob is one of the music teachers on your books and he charges $25 per lesson and does 4 lessons per month for each student.


And he has 20 students.


So Bob the music teacher makes $2000 thanks to you each month.


And sends you $250 each month for getting him students.


And you might be working with 20 music teachers which means in total they all send you $5000 per month.


So even if you do really badly and do half as good as what I showed above, it’s still a nice easy way to get pocket money to buy fancy guitars or keyboards and recording gear.


The only trick is being able to generate unlimited music students.


And that magic trick is what I discovered when I was making the cheatsheet video for Matt.


So I would like to give you a copy of that cheatsheet video right now.


I’ve put it on a secret page behind this Paypal registration page.


You can have it for free and pay me if you think it’s worth it.


Just cancel with one click if not.


You have nothing to lose in having a look.


By the end of the cheat sheet video you’ll know how to be an online music teacher.


Then as a free bonus I’ll show you how to pass your spare students on to other music teachers once you get more students than you can handle.


The big challenge is setting up a system to get new students automatically and for free.


That challenge is solved for Matt and for you because…


…I’m going to give you the video I shot for Matt to set up his student getting machine.


I’ll show you how to get all the students you can handle using my 3 part “Triangle Of Power”…


You get unlimited students using…


1. Youtube videos


2. Facebook promotion.


3. By partnering with big popular websites.


At this point you might be thinking that I’m full of poop.


So just for you, I’m willing to let you see the cheat sheet before you decide if you want to get in this business.


Here’s how you take a free look.


Click here to register without paying (before I change my mind 🙂


Login to paypal and confirm.


You will then get an email with the cheatsheet for setting up this business.


Look at that video and decide if you want to keep it.


If not cancel and you don’t pay a cent.


OK…I need to get back to work now building marketing plans for record labels…


… but I hope you’re excited by what you’ve read.


I’m sitting by the river with the ducks typing this out to you.


Teaching people stuff over the internet is the best business ever.


It gives you total freedom.


Freedom is the biggest gift you can give yourself in life.


And the plan I’ve just laid out is something you can do to get your own piece of freedom.


You’ll be working in the music business but you won’t have the pressure of having to sell a bunch of records to feed your family.


Music will become fun again when you remove all that pressure.


And the funny thing is that when the pressure is off success seems to flow all by itself.


Much love,




P.S If you’re like me and skip to the end of the email here’s what this is all about…


  • I’ve got a video training program that will show you…
  • How to be an online music teacher and work when you feel like it.
  • A machine that will get you unlimited music students for free with very little stress.
  • How to become an agent for desperate starving music teachers all around the world who will teach your spare students for you and happily send you 25% of their teaching fees.


Click here to see everything for nothing.


That’s the only way to decide if this is your thing.


There is a quick cancel button in PayPal if you don’t want to setup this business.


P.P.S Are you worried I’m a scammer?


It’s cool, the internet is a scary place.


Below are two videos from my clients that will help ease your fear and show that I have a long track record of doing right by musicians.


Ben Sword client review 1.


Ben Sword client review 2.


People don’t usually send video love unless they are very very happy with the service so I’m very flattered to get videos like this all the time.