Probably the most important tool I’ve shared so far

I’ve been saying for a while that the fastest way to go about getting new fans on your list in a hurry is to find a bunch of people who have already built a massive audience, and then convince then to spread the word for you.

This can literally lead to hundreds of new email subscribers in a few hours from just one of these powerful partners.

The tricky bit can be finding the right people to work with who are going to be open to your idea, but also have the traffic numbers to make it worth while.

Which is why the new research tool I’ve just uncovered in the classroom has such power.

It will give you an accurate number of hits each potential partner gets and only shows sites that are open to advertising.

Those two fact are a little piece of GOLD!!!

In the past we’ve always been kind of guessing who the best partners would be, but now you can really laser-target your marketing efforts and the people you work with.

Click here to get a few minutes of training on how to use the tool…

In the right hands this could be the only thing you ever need to fill your mailing list up with happy music buyers.


– Chris