Rapid Fan Formula – With A Free Product

When you’re trying to recruit partners to promote your stuff cash can be a big motivating factor, which is why I suggest you set up a simple package product and offer people 100% on everything they help you sell.

But every person you come across is different and you need to be able to adapt your pitch to suit each situation.

For instance some sites you talk to will be motivated by just passing on something cool to their followers…

…so you should not turn your nose up at people who are prepared to spread your music around by promoting a freebie.

It does not matter to you…you’re either giving them the cash or letting them pass it around for nothing.

In both cases your REAL motive is to convince people to help you spread the word so that you can build a nice healthy email list and then start to move those people into some kind of fan-club which creates a regular income.

So I just added a new lesson that covers the FREE option as well =>

– Chris