Rocktober Update!

Hey guys it’s the middle of the 10th Month in the earth year 2012…so what better moment to update you on what we’ve been adding to the classroom over the past few weeks!

I’m not going to waste any more silly words on the build up, so let’s get right into the action..


First up is a bunch of killer expert interviews for you to learn from, and I’ve taken the notes so you don’t have to!

Click below for instant access:

The CEO of CD baby with an amazing independent music masterclass…

The CEO of Bandzoogle talking to you about how you can improve your website…

A coaching call with two music marketing legends…

Advice on becoming a professional songwriter…

…and last but not least I had an inspiring chat with a real life independent musician who is making a full time income…

Advertising Module

I added a couple more places you can buy really good value advertising if you want to try that out:

Killer Aweber Tip for Touring

Then I made a video to show you how you can target Aweber emails based on where fans live. This is obviously cool if you’re touring…and it happens automatically so you don’t have to quiz people for their location when they sign up, which would decrease you’re conversion rate.

Geo Target Your Emails Here…

Ever wondered if your music is “good enough”?

I put together a short video to try and tackle that question…

Cheat Sheets

They can now be accessed from right inside the classroom to save you a little bit of time.

Here’s the link you’re looking for:

And finally I added a whole bunch of new video coaching answers so if you’ve been wondering how something works (or fits into this whole system) you might try this page.

I’m going away for a couple of days to recharge now, but you can bet that I’ll be back on Monday morning focused on going higher, faster and stronger with everything in the classroom.

You guys rock my world, talk to you soon.

– Chris