How to solve all your problems in your music career…FAST >>

Welcome back Hotshot,

Today I’m going to show you a simple process to solve all your problems in your music career.

If you follow this lesson all your problems and stresses in the music business will melt.

If you don’t follow this lesson you’ll always be confused, and you’ll never make it big in music.

In fact your problems will get bigger the longer they hang around and things will get worse than they are now.

So let’s get started.

It’s really easy to solve your problems.

All you have to do is get really clear about the problem you would like to solve…

…. then make a big list of the ways you could solve that problem.

Then pick the best idea and do it.

Let’s go through this step by step for you.

Please get some paper now…


Pick a problem you would like to solve.

Then spend 20 minutes writing down all the things you could do to solve it.

Then research on google all the things you could do to solve it.

Then pick the best option.

Then try and solve your problem

Then see how you did.

If your problem is solved move on and solve another problem.

If your problem is not solved try another of your ideas to solve it.

Keep doing this until all your problems melt.

Do this right now to get max value from this lesson…

Get paper and write down all your problems in music.

Pick a problem you would like to solve most.

Spend 20 minutes making a big list of ways you could solve that problem.

Write down crazy ideas too because that will free your mind to come out with something outside the box which might be a great idea.

Now put a star next to your best ideas to solve your problem.

Now pick one of the best idea and do it.

Later see if your solution worked and if not try something else.

This process works.

I used it to solve all my problems in the music business…


How to make contacts at record labels. SOLVED

How to get money so you don’t have to work and can make music all the time. SOLVED

How to have people call you to play gigs. SOLVED

How to have people call you to review your music in press. SOLVED

How to get your music on blogs. SOLVED

How to get millions of view on YouTube. SOLVED

How to get people to share your music on Facebook. SOLVED

How to construct hit song after hit song. SOLVED

How to get on the radio by the end of the day. SOLVED

How to hire a top recording studio for free. SOLVED

How to make your song go viral. SOLVED

How to reach millions of music fans without spending any money. SOLVED

How to get a hit song in 2 months starting with nothing. SOLVED.

And lots more.

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Lots of love high fives and cuddles.
Ben Sword.

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