The Deadly “Music Career Killers” (Zapped!)

When I put out my first training program called “Rapid Music Fans”
I included a checklist that went into some of the most common
pitfalls that often hold people back from making waves in the music

I called it:

“9 reasons why good musicians fail and how to avoid them”

It was a cool lesson and was one of the things that people found
most helpful back then.

Well now that we have the Classroom up and running I decided that
it was time to do something similar, but update the whole thing to
make it relevant to the music marketing landscape as it stands

I also wanted to come up with a sexy new name 🙂

So I’ve been mashing away at my keyboard over the last couple of
weeks updating everything and adding lots of new content.

What I have for you this time is:

“20 music career KILLERS…and how to fight back!”

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Hope you enjoy it and that it keeps you on track and away from
those little fly traps we sometimes get caught up in.

– Chris