Where Should You Start If You Already Have A Music Website?

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since opening the doors of
the classroom is that every musician I’m working with is on a
different level in terms of fan capture.

Some have no website at all, some have a site they hate, others
have a site but no email list and still more people have all of
that stuff but it’s not working right.

The new video I just posted will get everyone on the same level, so
that we can all be in the right mindset when we move onto getting

The main focus of this lesson is a check list so that if you have a
site and have been doing music marketing for a while, you can just
do a few tweaks to your current set up and get right on with more
advanced lessons.

But my sneaky little ulterior motive with this is to level the
playing field… so wherever you’re at you know which gaps you need
to fill to make your fan generation tactics more effective in
getting people on your mailing list.

You can watch the new video here (22:07 minutes total)

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Lots more tactics coming down the pipe…stay tuned.

– Chris