3 Phases Process To Write A Hit Song

Do you want to write a hit song one day?

OK, here’s how it works…

Phase 1 Copy – First you learn covers to understand how great music works.

Phase 2 Create – Then you start writing your own music that sounds like the covers you learned.

Phase 3 Innovate – Then you start to mash all different genres and ideas together to create something new.

This is what the Beatles did.

They started by learning how to play lots of classic rock and roll songs.

Then they wrote their own rock and roll songs.

Then they made a whole new kind of innovative music.

So remember…




We are all on this path as songwriters and it helps to know about this process so you can see which phase you are in now and where you need to go next.

Once you get to the point of innovation you’ll be making some seriously good music.

And that will lead to a massive tribe of fans following your every move.

At that point you can charge $10k or more every gig you play because supply…

…which is your time…

…will be far less the demand of the millions of people who want a piece of you.

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Much love,